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How do I clean my brushes properly?Updated a year ago

Our ZOEVA cosmetic brushes are made of pure synthetic hair. To guarantee optimal makeup results, thorough and regular brush cleansing is essential and should be an integral part of your beauty routine. This increases the durability of the brushes and also prevents skin impurities. We recommend cleaning your brushes according to the following instructions:

1. Wet the brush hairs with lukewarm to body-warm water.
2. Clean the brush with our ZOEVA Brush Shampoo Bar, or a mild shampoo, in circular movements.
3. For a more thorough cleansing, we recommend using a rough surface as a base, such as our ZOEVA Brush Cleansing Pad.
4. Lather the cleanser throughly to completely dissolve all product residue.
5. Wash out the cleanser or shampoo completely with lukewarm to body-warm water.
6. Squeeze the excess water out of the brush hairs.
7. Gently stroke the brush hairs over a soft towel.
8. Lay the brush out to dry. We recommend placing the brush on an edge so that the brush hairs are exposed, and air can circulate.

The brush should also not be stored with the bristles facing upwards to dry, as this prevents the water from evaporating completely and accumulating in the sleeve or wooden handle.

Once the hairs are completely dry, the brush is fully ready for use again. Due to the high quality of the brush hairs, the shape, as well as the performance of your brush is maintained.

For a particularly thorough cleansing, the purely synthetic bristles can also be disinfected without drying out the hair.

Show our planet some love: Fill a bowl with water and follow the cleansing routine as described above.

Reddish pigments can leave stubborn color residue. Here you should pay special attention to the body-warm water temperature.

For quick in-between cleansing, you can apply brush cleaner or disinfectant to a clean towel and gently wipe out the brush. However, this is not a permanent substitute for a thorough cleansing routine.

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