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Will items be restocked that are currently sold out?

Especially during promotional periods, it may happen that certain products are sold out. Usually, you should have the opportunity to sign up for notifications on our website to be informed as soon as items are back in stock.

Which ingredients are used to manufacture ZOEVA products?

We stand for high quality, cruelty-free products. You can find a full list of ingredients on our product packaging or each product page on our website.

What kind of hair is used for ZOEVA cosmetic brushes?

After intensive research, our brushes can be made vegan with full conviction and our individually developed brush technology. This means that we use pure, high-quality synthetic hair to manufacture our handmade brushes.

What materials are used for manufacturing ZOEVA brushes?

Our ZOEVA cosmetic brushes go undergo 30 elaborate production steps, which ensure the longevity and high quality of the brushes. Through a special craftsmanship, certain characteristics are created by which one can recognize the quality of the brushe

What is the difference between black and white brush hair?

ZOEVA cosmetic brushes are handcrafted from soft, pure synthetic hair. The sustainable synthetic hair of these brushes is durable, dimensionally stable, and cruelty-free. The white brush hair is composed of our innovative, marvelously Soft-Vegan-Perf

How do I clean my brushes properly?

Our ZOEVA cosmetic brushes are made of pure synthetic hair. To guarantee optimal makeup results, thorough and regular brush cleansing is essential and should be an integral part of your beauty routine. This increases the durability of the brushes and

Why is my ZOEVA brush shedding?

Our ZOEVA makeup brushes are handcrafted of ultra-soft, pure synthetic hair. Kindly keep in mind, however, that light shedding is natural for handset brushes. To guarantee optimal makeup results, thorough and regular brush cleansing is essential and

Does ZOEVA test on animals?

We feel the need to act responsibly and build a sustainable company on an ethical, fair, and trusting basis without compromise. ZOEVA does not conduct or condone testing on animals, nor do we ask anyone to do this on our behalf. We stand for high-qua

How are ZOEVA products tested?

ZOEVA is committed to providing high-quality products that are never tested on animals. The ingredients and textures used are subjected to toxicological and safety evaluative testing in accordance with the current Cosmetics Directive to ensure produc

Where are ZOEVA products manufactured?

Our ZOEVA cosmetic brushes are manufactured in the northeastern region of China. There, the craft has been passed down through generations for centuries and is traditionally rooted in the culture. The warm, dry climate provides optimal manufacturing